Adrenal Scenario
Combat Training

Street Self Defense Doesn't Make Sense If It's Generic
We Personalize Street Self Defense To Suit You
Personal Protection & Street Fighting Scenario
Based Training In Vancouver BC, Canada

All classes are private sessions (there are no group classes) which can be booked any day of the week from 6am-10pm. We do not have any belt levels or rank tests. What I teach is combat management solutions to modern day violent threats and worse case scenarios. This is a modern street self defense combat system that can be learned within 3 months time training one day a week. Students are welcome to train as short or as long as they wish. In just one class you will walk away with something that you can use to protect yourself with.

We believe that a self defense system must be personalized to suit the user not the user having to suit the system (generic self defense system). We also believe everyone learns differently from one another, so our training methods incorporate all types of learners. Our combat and self defense systems is easy to learn. It was created using instinctive movements that the human body anatomically responses to when effected by adrenaline that are similar in movement from one another. Anyone regardless of their size, strength, athletic ability, fight experience and sex can execute these targeting tactics (we do not focus on techniques). Visit our homepage to view a more detailed summary of our system.


What Is F.I.S.T and Adrenal Condition Stimulus Crisis Rehearsal Training?

The system of training we use is called F.I.S.T (Fighters Instinctive Scenario Training) and Adrenal Condition Stimulus Training, a way of training that is used by the FBI, CIA and the military. By training you using adrenal stress principles you to control adrenaline stress better, accelerate the way you learn self defense, minimizing your training time by maximizing your muscle memory capabilities even when you do not practice tactics for long periods of time.

We train you in a safe environment that is as close as possible to a violent situation. I put you through a range of different scenarios while I wear a full head to toe protective body armor suit, this allows you to attack me without holding back. The scenarios range from rape scenarios, muggings, street fighting situations, escape and evasion to dealing with multiple attackers and the like. You will not know what the scenario is about until it starts or how it will play out. Giving you no time to think things through or to pre-plan your attack but to only respond just like it was a real threatening situation that spontaneously happens.

Example: The scenario may start off in a stand up position with you being yelled/cursed at or tested (the interview) or multiple attackers sneak into the picture. Then the situation may end up on the ground where a knife, needle or firearm suddenly is pulled out and you must improvise through the situation at hand.

The training center is either set up in an apartment setting furnished with a couch, coffee table, tubeless TV, stereo, kitchen table and chairs or as a back alley with a garbage can, grocery cart and refuge. Objects in the training center are made of light plastic and sponge so students know how to use their immediate environments as weapons at their disposal without injuring themselves and training partners and without holding back when training.

All students are required to wear an old pair of street shoes or boots, jeans and shirt as they would normally wear when out on the street. This teaches you how to fight with restrictive clothing on so when you need to protect yourself on the streets you are not slow in speed, off balanced or feel a restriction of movement when you're fighting someone due to what you are wearing. Research has shown by training this way, you decrease your odds of becoming a victim of violence because you are better prepared to defend yourself. Through F.I.S.T and Adrenal Condition Stimulus Training you become used to the stimulus of fighting with restrictive clothing on and fighting in tight crowed furnished rooms or uneven spaces, where you know how to use the objects around you as weapons to your advantage.


Private Sessions

Private sessions can be booked any day of the week or weekend from 6am-10pm. Sessions are $80 per hour, 2 person group sessions are $140 per hour. Discounts given for advance payments for sessions.

Location/Contact Information

All training is done at my private training studio at my residence located in the heart of Kit's in Vancouver, BC, Canada which means it is easily accessible by car or public transit.

TSD Can Create Specific Course Syllabuses
To Suit Your Needs Or Companies Needs
Training Modules
Norm Bettencourt realizes that each person has different natural abilities and works with you to personally tailor a self defense program that will work for you. Norm has trained everyone from private citizens, professional security and law enforcement personnel to groups such as stagettes, stags to members of businesses in shopping centres

Combat Self Defense/Street Fighting L.E.A.C.H System
Learn the entire L.E.A.C.H Street Fighting System in this program. You will know all the tactics and "dirty tricks" on how thugs, convicts and military personnel use violence to there advantage to take out a bigger stronger man. These tactics are personalized to suit you as an individual for street self defense won't work if it is generic. We do not focus on techniques but on targeting tactics which are instinctive in nature. Based on the anatomic responses the body has when effected by the adrenaline dump. This in turn allows you to be able to instantly protect yourself and improvise when crap hits the fan.

Women's Self Defense S.H.E System
This training is instinctive in nature and personalized to suit the way you instinctively move and respond to violence. You will learn quick and easy tricks which women have successfully used in real life self defense situations. Giving you the element of surprise so you can catch you're attacker off guard and destroy him/her. Training focuses on blocking, striking, anti rape tactics, weapons disarming/improvisation, self defense products use and scenario/improvisational training. This is not you're typical women's self defense program.

Note: I have dealt with many victims of abuse in my self defense school in the past and understand the sensitive issues when it comes to training individuals who have suffered such trauma. My training is completely confidential and anonymous.

Psychological (Combat Mindset/Fear Management
How to use breathing techniques to take control of an adrenaline rush...
self-hypnosis exercises to help control fear and to instantly switch yourself into attack mode.
Self Defense Weapons Training
How to properly maintain and dispense your self defense weapon for maximum effectiveness. Uncover how to make any object in your immediate surroundings into a weapon so you stop your attacker.
Ground Fighting/Rape Escape
Usually violent attacks end up on the ground so it's important especially for women to learn "street applicable ground fighting tactics", not UFC tactics. Time is not on your side in a violent encounter and you never know if your attacker has friends coming. It is vital for your survival to get up off the ground as quickly as possible. Norm will show you how with his no nonsense ground fighting approach.

Random Full Contact Scenario Based Crisis Rehearsal
By wearing protective gear and being the only self defense training studio that is set up as an apartment and street setting which all objects are made of foam, light plastic or cushion can we give you the most realism out of your training in a safe atmosphere. This type of training helps you develop numerous attributes such as learning how to control your "adrenaline dump", fear and how to think clearly in the most frantic situations so you increase your odds of survival ten fold. Remember self defense is 90% mental and only 10% physical.

Knife Defense & Weapon's Disarming
TSD will teach the most important areas of your body to protect and how to remain calm when dealing with a knife. Teaching you how to control and disarm an attacker who is trying to cut you with realistic outside the box self defense training exercises that will open your eyes to how deadly a knife actually is. You will also learn how to disarm attacker's with pipes, clubs, pool cues and other modern day weapons with TSD's state of the art mock training weapons that few trainers carry that will put extreme realism into your weapons disarming training.

Firearms Disarming Training
All it takes is a simple squeeze of a trigger and it's over. Most self defense instruction regarding firearms disarming techniques are completely unrealistic due to this factor. Norm's unique way of training will show you firearms disarming tactics that is proven to work. By firing at participants while they are executing there techniques while being shot with an Airsoft pistol.

Knife Fighting
The knife is considered to be one of the easiest weapons to obtain and yet one of the deadliest weapons to possess. It is the perfect equalizer when the odds are against you such as when dealing with multiple attacker's. Learn proper knife grip tactics, proper sheath placement and knife fighting tactics.

Pipe/Pool Cue/Baton/Flash Light Fighting
These weapons help you keep your distance from your enemy preventing you from entering the 'kill zone'. Learn proper grip technique and how to effectively use any of these weapons to disable, disarm or destroy your enemy.
Dealing With Multiple Attackers
We teach you how to avoid, deal with and escape worse case scenarios dealing with multiple attackers using the line theory technique.
Conditioning your body and mind for a street fight is a completely different story then conditioning yourself for an MMA match or other sport specific task. This conditioning program is taken from proven and sound military and tactical conditioning programs. It conditions your body and mind to perform at optimal levels during extreme levels of stress during combat situations. Giving you jaw dropping strength, turbo charging the speed of your techniques and makes you a tough as nails to handle any blows that comes in contact with you. Bottom line it gives you the extreme advantage physically over any attacker you face transforming you into a lean mean fighting machine.

In Home Crash Course Training
I will personally come to your home and give you a crach course in self defense to suit your needs. Sessions range from personal self defense training, properly securing your home to home invasion prevention. Sessions are $150 for a 1 hour session.
1 & 2 Day Crash Courses
Training will be completely one on one with me in my home studio which is set up as a back alley and also as an apartment setting so you will know how to fight in real world settings and learn how to use your environment to take out an attacker.

The one day course is a total of 8 hours intense instructional training with two 15 minutes breaks and 1 hour lunch break during the day. The course covers mental training (triggering your killer instinct so you can control fear), closing the distance, close quarter and finishing tactics, blocks from strikes such as elbows, punches, kicks and knees. anti rape tactics and ground tactics, weapons disarming (knife, gun, pipe etc) and scenario training (I personalize the system to the way you instinctively move and fight). It can also be customized to what you wish to learn, all you have to do is tell me and I can set up a specialized syllabus for you. Two day courses are 16 hours in total ( 8 hours each day) with the same break schedule as the one day course you learn the entire TSD Street Fighting System. You will leave TSD as a new person after taking this intensive course guaranteed.

You will also be given access to the TSD Online Training Centre for an entire year valued at $99.95 USD free of charge. This includes my 3 disk dvd system, 4 hours of audio mp3's, special reports and a copy of my book entitled Secrets of Street Combat.

Group Rates Per 1 Day Course:
1 Person $500
2-5 People $400 Per Person
5-7 People $300 Per Person
7+ People $ 200 Per Person

Group Rates Per 2 Day Courses
1 Person $1000
2-3 People: $800 Per Person
4-5 People: $700 Per Person
6-7 People: $600 Per Person
8 People: $500 Per Person
9+ People: $400 Per Person

Control/Restraint Holds/Pressure Point Tactics
This training is geared towards individuals and security personnel who want to learn tactical restraint techniques to subdue and control aggressive individuals and patrons in the work place environment. Learn first hand from a certified Justice Institute of British Columbia security instructor under the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General Security Programs and Police Technology Division. Cost $80.00 per hour for a private session.
Basic Security Training (BST)
This course is mandatory if you want to work in the security industry (bouncers, body guards, armored car guards etc) in British Columbia and must be taught by a certified instructor (such as myself) under the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General Security Programs and Police Technology Division. Topics covered are ethics, customer service, cultural diversity, federal, provincial and municipal acts, use of force issues, note taking, documentation and personal safety. You can train at my location or I can come to yours.
Room/Building Entry Training
Ideal for security professionals or individuals that perform patrols or deal with alarm response and has to enter areas with caution. Room and building entry is one of the most dangerous aspects of a security professional's job yet it is the skill that is not taught to security professionals. Find out how to safely enter a room, building or stairwell minimizing your chances of being ambushed.
Bouncer Training
This course covers physical control & escort tactics, report writing, zones of responsibility, use of force, gear and equipment training, tactical communications and supervisory skills. Cost $250.00.
Hostage & Armed Robbery Scenario Training
This course covers the important steps on what you and you’re staff need to know when it comes to surviving an armed robbery or hostage situation. It is not good enough to tell you’re staff to just comply with the criminal’s demands. There are countless things that can go drastically wrong with something as simple as a sudden quick movement on the part of a scared employee. That innocent gesture could end up having one of you’re employees killed. We perform full scenario training teaching individuals how to be able to think on there toes during chaotic situations and react accordingly. This training is ideal for any business or school.
Seminars can also be booked, travel, lodging and promotional advertising must be provided by the hosting group.

Here's What TSD Students Are Saying
Just wanted to say "Thank you" for the awesome class!!! That beyond exceeded my expectations! It was
clear how Rebekah changed her perspective on taking the class and the full credit for that goes to your effective instruction and people skills. The "lecture" aspect was made the points that needed to be made regarding awareness and relating people's experiences (including your own which I really appreciated). You didn't spend more time than was necessary on discussion..... So we got the perfect
balance and I can't say thank you enough. Rebekah respects your experience and your knowledge. I think
she also appreciated your positive feedback and I think that is so valuable for teenagers to hear.

Thanks again,
Sandra Lockwood


Hi again Norm,
Our words for the day are "awesome" and "phenomenal". The Robster is on a high, with a
new light in his eyes, and a piece of serenity I thought he'd never find. He said this morning, "if I knew this all before, those guys would have never messed with me". We both agreed however, that "if those guys had never messed with him, we wouldn't be where we are today" ... a silver lining in every cloud, huh? Am
working on the video clips ... all is fine except for the one whereI It was quite a weekend, I don't think I've ever had my money better spent ... it gave him back his spirit. Thanks a million from both of us, and Thank
God we found you !!

Talk soon.
Sharon King (and of course Rob ... tired, bruised, sore, and happy as hell :))


I have been looking for a self defence program off and on for several years, and all I kept coming across were martial arts oriented programs. I wanted something realistic, useful and something that wasn't going to take years to learn. TSD's program is exactly that. I am constantly amazed at how truly easy it is to defend yourself against anyone of any size. It's empowering knowing I can get out of any situation with the tactics Norm has taught me, and is continually teaching me. He shows you how to look at the world as a safe place instead of a place of fear, and that being a female can actually work to ones

Thanks Norm!
Elizabeth Barclay


I have garnered a new sense of confidence and look at situations differently since training with Norm in TSD. The training is very realistic yet safe. The fact that the teacher has used what he teaches on more than one occasion is reassuring. The system is very easy so there isn't a lot to remember and at the same time it is brutally effective. Norm doesn't hold anything back and genuinely cares for his students well being. Wither you are a seasoned martial artist or a complete novice you will take away new skills and a different perspective training with Norm.
John Disteso

Norm is not a big strong guy so he has learned not to fight like one. His system is about hitting the anatomic weak points of the body so you get the job done fast. He has shown me how to think differently when it comes to my self defense. I will always be internally grateful to him.
Mike Hyams


Norm's self defense training is completely "outside the box" He has shown me how to transform any object in my environment as a weapon that I can use to protect myself with. He totally opens your mind in a new light regarding self defense.
Joanne Walsh


Norm's training methods are unheard of. He gets your adrenaline pumping full speed making each scenario seem as if it was real. Teaching you how to remain calm in the most frantic situations, no other self defense school does that. That's why I picked TSD.
Bill Maltz

Norm not only teaches self defense for the body but for the mind and spirit as well. The lessons learned in his classes have carried over into my personal life as well.
Thank You
Linda Powers


Norm teaches to the point no B.S. self defense. No man or machine is going to train you better for real world violence.
Jeff Kim


Training with Norm is amazing and totally prepares you for the real world, his training concepts are awesome.
Black Belt 2nd Dan Hapkido Chris Stephens


Norm is a caring, compassionate instructor who always made sure I understood what I was doing. Norm personalized the training to suit me and made sure that in training scenarios such as the rape escapes that I was always comfortable since it was in very close quarter situations due to the fact I am a victim of rape.
Dana Little


The unique combination of method training and scenario training develops not only physical conditioning, but also the mental conditioning to put it to use in the real world. Concise and practical, TSD training is an invaluable tool and I would recommend it to anyone.
Colin Hall


These are the best "fighting" techniques I have ever learned and I have complete faith in it. Norm's training is not only physical but mental as well. Through learning how to "move" I am also learning how to "think" as well. The lessons I have learned training with Norm also apply to lessons in life as well. Highly recommended.
Yuzo Matsumura-Kendo Blackbelt


I learned more with Norm during 12 weeks of private training than I have through studying several different martial arts over 20 years. His techniques felt natural and easy to learn and definitely awaken the warrior inside of us. I would fully recommend this training to others. Many thanks
Michael D’Alton, Vancouver, B.C.


Thank you so much for this weekend! Your system is amazing! With all the martial arts I have done in my life this I have never felt as confident as I do now that I can really take care of myself if the situation arises.

Thank you again!!

Brian Kushner
Owner/Instructor Roundhouse Martial Arts
For further information on this unique training system or to book a private session call me at 778.686.FIST (3478) or shoot me an email at